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These video pieces represent milestones passed and connections made during the course of our project.

" Welcome To Barrow" is currently the best available digital copy of the 1961 Barrow Travelogue made by Brian Crawford ,Brian and d Rger Fisher and Richard Kea of the Barrow Cine And Sound club. We are hoping to make a new digital transfer from the original 16mm. We screened the film, with Brians' permission as part of a research event in the Park, which also included the concert described on the right of this page.

"Barrow Folk Academy" is a document of the concert and was made for the project by

Luke Daniels.

"Corporation Pop"  mixes footage from Brian's film and new footage, soundtracked by excerpts from our interviews, and was screened 3 times during the drop-in launch for this website at Signal Film and Media's event space in Barrow in Furness

Since the project closed there have been drive issues...the version here is  compressed. Best avoid fullscreen. Its currently being reconstructed.

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Local arts group ARTSPACE are currently talking to Barrovians as part of their Heritage Project "Around the Bandstand" . The result will be a sound archive of local voices telling their stories and memories of Barrow Park and talking about it's place in the story of the town.


If you want to add your memories to the archive , project leader John Hall will be in the Mawson Room in the Park Pavilion on Sunday the 20th of May from 12am till 2pm.

John will be also screening a video copy of the 1961 Barrow documentary, made by a local filmmakers group including BrIan Crawford, who has given the ok to screen the film.

Says John "Its a great film, and It will certainly jog a few memories."


On the Bandstand from 1.45 with fiddler Carolyn Francis and her colleagues Mary Dunsford ( Harp) and Bev Whelan (Flute), followed by a group of young musicians from Carolyn's Gael Folk Academy, which draws on the many schools groups with which Carolyn plays and tutors in and around Barrow. Says John " We are really happy to be able to provide a stage for these boys and girls, and we are very grateful to Carolyn for bringing them to the Park bandstand.

The show will go on till 2.45, and is  followed by the latest of the Park's regular and very popular programme of Brass Band concerts.

Photographs on this page by Jackie Drake

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