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On the


with Carolyn Francis and

Dalton Band 

We have been keen to introduce a new audience to the Bandstand, and to record its traditional use as well. Click the link below and  you can hear Brass at its best from Dalton Band, recorded on a sunny Sunday afternoon on September 16 2018, conducted by our interviewee Mark Latimer.



 In recent years Artspace has joined  children, families and staff from Bram Longstaffe Nursery around and under the Bandstand as part of the school's  programme of days out, introducing the children to their town and to the park.

As part of the publicity for Around The Bandstand, we asked folk fiddler Carolyn Francis to play some dance tunes for the families, and lead them on a walk around the Park grounds. These pictures  give you a flavour of the day. Two days later day Carolyn was back on the Bandstand with her trio and the Gael Folk Academy.

Thanks to Carolyn, we were able to  promote our project  and  provide a showcase for the wonderful young Barrow musicians she works with.

And as a result more young people will grow up with special memories of the Bandstand, and an understanding of its importance.

A recording of the Folk Academy concert can be found on our Videos page.

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